• Stephanie Lindsey

Why should I test my home for asbestos?

Many people are under the wrong impression that homes built prior to 1980 do not need to be tested for asbestos if they are doing remodeling or renovation work. Federal OSHA Regulations, however, require testing regardless of the year the home was built if anyone under the employ of someone else is doing the work. Vinyl floor tiles, rolled vinyl sheeting, floor mastics, drywall and acoustic "popcorn" ceiling texture are the most common areas where asbestos fibers can be found. Samples from any of those materials can be collected and analyzed for asbestos content. Once you know whether those materials contain asbestos or not, you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Protecting workers from asbestos exposure does much more than just keep workers safe. It protects their loved ones who they return home to after work. It protects the restaurant worker who serves their lunch. And it protects the people who live in the home from risk of asbestos exposure.

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